General Questions

What is Alpha VR?

Alpha VR provides 360° photographic imagery from around the world. The result allows consumers to virtually explore distant locations as if they were actually standing there and moving around the environment.

What is Alpha VR's Mission?

To become the world's largest community for exploring, sharing, creating and promoting 360° Panoramas.

Where can I find examples of Alpha VR's work?

You can find samples of our product demo showcase here.

Alpha VR Tour Questions

How am I notified when the tour is posted to Alpha

The virtual tour will get posted on the Alpha VR website first and then posted to syndicate websites within 48 business hours depending on the accessibility to that website. Agents are notified via email.

How long will my virtual tour be on the internet?

Alpha VR will host your virtual tour for up to one year for no additional fees. Thereafter it is a fee of $25 to host for each additional year. The agent can deactivate the virtual tour at any time.

How do I make changes or add information to an existing virtual tour?

Login to your respective account and follow the guided system for making changes to property details.

General Questions / Ordering a Tour

Is there a fee to cancel my virtual tour shoot?

Fee's assessed for cancellation without 24 hour prior notice are at the discretion of the contracted service provider.

Linking Your Alpha VR Tour

Can you link the virtual tour to

For a fee of $25, we can link the virtual tour to

To which websites can you link my Alpha VR tour?

All tours shot and posted to are syndicated to a large network of Real Estate partners. For a full list see here.

How can I get the virtual tour onto my MLS?

All tours come with a branded and unbranded tour. MLS systems require an unbranded tour link, which is what you will use.

Photographer Questions

When will the photographer contact me?

All Service Providers are independent of Alpha VR and are to be contacted directly regarding photography matters.

What is the turn around time?

A typical amount of time is under 48 hours. After the photographer takes the photos, the Service Proivder will post the virtual tour on and provide a user name and login to access the tour. An email confirmation will be sent to notify you when the tour is posted.

How long will it take the photographer to complete the photo shoot?

It typically will take 35 to 50 minutes to shoot a residential property. The time will vary depending on the size of the home and which tour option you select. The home should be ready to shoot as soon as the photographer arrives.

Does the agent or home owner need to be present when the tour is being photographed?

It is recommended that the agent be present at the photo shoot. If the agent cannot be present, they should notify the photographer in advance as to which rooms should be photographed. If no requests have been made, the shots may be taken at the discretion of the photographer.